September 2, 2008

a new year!!!

I can't believe a new school year has begun! I've been busy learning how to use new teaching materials, getting to know my students and getting back into the routine. It is challenging being able to balance all of the different tasks for the week. I now feel ready to add using technology into the framework. I have so many ideas:
  • smart board use during writing and math
  • using the document camera instead of the overhead projector
  • using vokis to liven up student writing
  • using the classroom blog for my reading group
  • using voicethread to compel student to think more critically about many topics we're learning about
  • using a classroom wiki to collaborate with others

This is just a start! I hope to start out slowly and keep doing more and more as the students and I are able to integrate technological tools into our everyday learning.

My goals for integrating technology into my teaching this year include working more to master some tools I am already familiar with (like digital storytelling) and challenging myself to be more of a risk-taker and to try some new things (like voicethread).

Well...I better get started!

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