June 15, 2007

Using a Smartboard for Group Filmmaking

I have found that using a Smartboard is a wonderful way to teach elementary aged students digital story telling. I've been working with students in Kindergarten through sixth grade, teaching them how to take digital photos and tell a story using them. We are using Photo Story 3 for Windows, a software program that allows you to make films with digital photos. Using the Smartboard, all students are allowed to be an integral part of the process. They can see and learn how to use the features of the program while participating in making a group film. You can watch one of their films here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3FGoDj_hqw I see using the Smartboard is a way for my students to interact more while they are learning something new. Keeping them actively engaged helps them enjoy the learning process and stay focused on what they are learning. Have you tried using a Smartboard to engage your students? How have you used it?


Joseph Miller said...

What a great video and innovative project. Do you think that the editing process from Photostory is a good metaphor for editing your writing? Do you think that the same process with the SmartBoard would translate well to group editing of a writing assignment for third graders?

Emily Taylor said...

The editing process in Photostory is a good metaphor for editing your writing. This type of editing process could be easier for certain students because it is so visual and not just all language. Using the Smartboard would work just as effectively for collaborating during writing. Not only would it work well for editing writing, but for all parts of the writing process!