June 11, 2007

Welcome to Room 21 at Alsup IB World School! This year we will be collaborating and communicating on this Blog! What would you like to learn about in third grade? What do you hope our classroom community is like? What questions do you have about Alsup IB World School?


Joseph Miller said...

It is so cool that you are blogging. Students and colleagues are going to be thrilled.

What is IB?

Fred Kreienkamp said...

You have done a very nice job setting up your blog.
What is done differently in the IB program in the elementary years than your school did before?

Emily Taylor said...

Thank you, Fred! Many things are different at my school since we have become an IB school. We focus on teaching using inquiry and creating global citizens (the bigger focus). Our curriculum has also been restructured to include units of inquiry. Each unit focuses on a different theme and utilizes transdisciplinary skills. IB helps our school focus on a common goal for our students and encourages us to teach using best practices. Is your school becoming an IB school? How do you feel about it?