July 18, 2007

21st Century Learning Tools

I am a second language learner. I am not studying a spoken language of the world, but the fascinating world of technology. This summer I have been becoming familiar with new vocabulary words and concepts. Web 3.o, voki, technorati, wikis, blogs, clustrmaps, and more! What is more, I have been joining in and participating in this technologically minded world. Three months ago I didn't know what a wiki or blog was and now I have both! My classroom website will be up and running within the month! Then the journey with my students will begin! I am excited to start the next school year with so many new 21st century learning tools at my disposal. What will happen? Will my teaching improve? Will student participation, motivation and achievement improve? I think so... What do you think?


Joseph Miller said...


I like the ay the blog is coming along. The Voki cracked me up. I bet your students are going to get a kick out of that. Also, I am impressed ith your Clustr Map. Three continents already.

I am convinced that the students will thrive in a technology rich environment that has challenging course content. I am excited to see what will happen with students.

Keep us posted!

pkoci said...

Nice work Miss Emily. I look forward to seeing how this will inspire and benefit your students in their efforts to learn and grow. Summer break is coming to a close, so I will be talking with you soon. Anything I can do to help, just let me know.

Jon Fisher said...

Very nice comments, Emily. I totally relate to the second language learner feeling regarding technology. As we reflect on our own learning as "TLLs" technology language learners, we can relate to our students who are struggling learners.